Sports Massage


What is it?

Sports massage is a form of deep tissue massage that uses a range of techniques to reduce tension, increase mobility and alleviate pain associated with certain musculoskeletal problems.

Different intensities of massage are offered depending on clients needs and preference.

I am personally experienced in treating all levels of sport from juniors to Olympic athletes as well as non-sports clients with conditions from tension headaches or sore back to arthritis, tendonitis to growing pains.


Injury Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. We have all heard it before and generally all know we need to take more care of our bodies but somehow rarely prioritise ourselves.

For anyone regularly performing physical activity whether for work or sport, the strain you are putting on your body will almost certainly be causing areas to tighten up and prevent you from being able to function correctly or efficiently.

Rather than waiting for the body to break down and for you to require time off, regular massage can help to keep your mobility, ensure muscles are working effectively and keep you performing at your best.


Physical Assessment and Injury Treatment

From my background in Biomechanics and training within Sports Massage I like to take a full history and perform a Physical Assessment for new clients. I assess possible injury areas and work to find causes of problems or discomfort. Following this as far long as deemed appropriate I will use sports massage techniques to help remove tension and pressure in areas where necessary. This can help treat injuries such as muscle strains, back problems, knee issues, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and much more.

Price List

All massage treatments are subject to appropriate physical health and can be refused if it is felt there may be risk to therapist or client health. Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult

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