After reaching my 40s I decided to add running a marathon to my bucket list and wanted someone to help me get from my usual 5k jog to 26.2 miles! I needed a coach who would be inspiring but flexible enough to accommodate me in the hours between being a Mum of 2 children and a full time job. Gemma was perfect; incredibly professional and knowledgeable, highly motivating but with a great sense of humour. I loved our sessions and worked incredibly hard with her support. Gemma put together a programme for me and after only a few months of working together I ran and finished my first Marathon (London) in 4 hours 57. Most importantly she has inspired me to continue training and running marathons.

I can’t thank you enough Gemma!!! 

Dwain Chambers


I’ve been involved in sport for over two decades. Over time I have come across many therapists who have devoted their time to help and assist athletes along their careers. 

I regard Gemma as one of those therapists who loves what she does and that passion is reflected in her work and attention to detail. 

I spent the last few years of my career with Gemma and having her on board made a huge difference to how I approached my training, aided my recovery time with massages and she gave advice on my nutrition.

Thank you Gemma for all your support!!!

Lucy Ferguson


After an injury I decided I needed to reintroduce weights to my training. As she competed at a high level Gemma has first hand knowledge of my training requirements and exercises needed to both condition my body and prevent future injuries. 2 months into my programme I feel a lot stronger and Gemma has been a brilliant support throughout. She takes me through the exercises in detail and explains how they will benefit me. She’s always on hand to support with queries and provide any additional advice. She's brings a positive and professional manner to everything she does. I would highly recommend her to any athlete. 

Thanks Gemma!!



As I booked to climb Mount Fuji, I knew I needed someone to help me achieve my goal of reaching the top.

Despite always having been fit, contacting Gemma was a simple decision. Her knowledge and understanding of training methods is second to none and she also has the biggest smile, which after a long day increased my spirits and encouraged me to work hard. I felt safe as she understood how I needed to be motivated and pushed to complete exercises that I never thought I could do. Gemma put me on my least favourite machine - the rower, I have since joined a rowing club and am now the sports scientist of that club! I owe that to her!

I reached the top of mount Fuji, felt incredible doing it and know I couldn't have done it without Gemma's guidance and belief.

Gemma is an outstanding PT with an amazing personality and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her whatever your goals.



I have struggled with my weight for years, trying all the types of diet and fitness regimes but none lasted. I've now been training with Gemma for about 12 months and have so far lost 24lb (12kg). She ensures I'm pushed to a safe limit, has gradually adjusted my eating habits and the changes are now part of my lifestyle. 

How I feel physically and mentally are immeasurable. I was self-conscious and ashamed of the way I looked. I'm know comfortable in my body and mentally so much more confident. Previous personal trainers have been solely money motivated, with Gemma I've found the money is secondary to my progress and wellbeing.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.



I met Gemma though a friend as I had sore lower back and a Sport Massage was recommended. Whilst having a massage I was intrigued as to what else Gemma has done and asked if she does personal training. Well I can honestly say that I cannot see myself ever stopping training with her. Every session is enjoyable and always different which adds to the enjoyment even more.
I would recommend Gemma without a hesitation.
I love training with her and can honestly say I won't stop...
Well done Gemma




I have been working with Gemma for 3 months and she is honestly not only an amazing teacher but an amazing lady too. I hadn’t been able to run now for about 12 years due to severe shin splints. Gemma not only taught me how to run again, I haven’t had any pain, I discovered my confidence and love of running again and I gained a new friend!



 I've been working with Gemma for a couple of months now, as well as attending the bootcamps that she runs at Lee Valley. So far I've lost over a stone, increased my flexibility and improved my nutrition and feel that I have 24/7 support if I need it. Nothing is too much trouble from developing bespoke exercises for my personal needs, to ad hoc general advice. As an athlete she really knows her stuff too. The best bit / worst bit is when she runs the sprints with you on the track and is barely breathing after 8x200m sprints. Inspirational!



Gemma is THE best bootcamp instructor and PT. Her classes are always fun and guarantee results whether it be losing weight, toning up or concentrating on specific personal goals. Each class is well thought out and there are different exercises and circuits every week. I cannot recommend her enough. Her energy is contagious and her classes addictive.

Thankyou Gemma!



I joined Gemma's bootcamp in 2016 not knowing what to expect or if it would be something I'd stick with. Fortunately Gemma’s one of the most upbeat and motivated people I've ever met. Her infectious positivity makes training fun and encouraged me to the point that training has quickly become a huge buzz.

Most important was Gemma’s faith in me. She took an immediate interest in me as a person and how she could help. She showed me the importance of form and how technique's key to progress.

I've now lost over 2 stone in weight and feel much happier in myself both physically and mentally.

Thank You Gemma.



I have been seeing Gemma for almost 2 years to be treated with sports massages. From screaming in pain to giggling in pain Gemma has always been very friendly and supportive throughout. I've found Gemma extremely informative as She'll always explain the whys, hows, dos and donts!

I have now also started 1-2-1 sessions to help me get back into sprinting and am looking forward to where this will take me. So far this is going really well, starting from scratch again and now understanding a whole new style of running.



Gemma has now been treating me for nearly two years with Sports Massage. I look forward to every session knowing that Gemma will be able to alleviate problem areas and give advise on any questions I have. Her treatment has had a positively profound proven effect on the pain management of my rheumatoid arthritis. I recommend Gemma's massage therapy to all and anyone looking to rid myself of muscle tension



I came to Gemma with a stress fracture in my foot believing I couldn't do anything anymore and Gemma was amazing. She gave me exercises that suited my situation and as a result I would say I'm at the strongest I've been. I did bootcamp sessions as well as one to ones and every session is different and always challenging (in the best way). She's so professional and if you want to achieve a goal she'll for sure help you get there. My dad also joined Gemma a year ago and as a result has lost 2 and a half stone and to say it's changed his life isn't an understatement.