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Mobility to increase range of movement and help prevent injuries.

Follow these exercises targeting mainly the upper and lower back as well as the hips.

Perform each exercise 8-10 times or until you can feel the area beginning to loosen.  

Repeat the sequence 2-3 times.

Upper Body Conditioning: 

1️⃣ Upright row

2️⃣ Press up and row

3️⃣ TRX pulls

4️⃣ Flat lying DB press

5️⃣ Tricep dips

Each exercise x15 apart from x5 press ups

3 sets, minimal rest

Advanced leg workout.

4 exercises:

1. Front rack reverse lunge x16 (8 each leg) I used 2x12kg Kettle Bells

2. KB swings x8 (2x12kg KBs)

3. Controlled side step up x10 each leg

4. Prowler push +40kg for 15m

x 4-5 sets.

Start with little or no weights then progress as you feel comfortable!

Core (abs) Training:

1️⃣ Hallow rocks

2️⃣ Sit up and reach

3️⃣ Reverse curl with kick out

4️⃣ Crunch

5️⃣ Side plank stars

6️⃣ Reverse plank with foot lift

7️⃣ Superman (knees on the floor if needed) 

20-30s of each exercise. 1-2 sets at the end of your workout or 3-4 sets if this is your main session.

6 exercises that will work everything from you core and upper back to your shoulders and legs:

1️⃣ Sit kicks 2️⃣ Bear crawl 3️⃣ Side plank walks 4️⃣ Mountain climbers 5️⃣ Inch worm 6️⃣ Knee to elbow (rotating mountain climbers)

30 seconds of each exercise, 10 seconds between 😱

Give 3 sets a go, 2 if you’re a beginner, 4 if more advanced with minimal recovery.

Leg Session:

1a. Squats with theraband x8-10

1b. Reverse curl to kick out x10

x4 sets 

2a. Kettlebell RDL with additional theraband x10-12

2b. Single let hip thrust (shoulders elevated) x10 each leg

2c. Box jumps x10

x3 sets

Here is a simple home workout that will work the full body.

- Treadmills 30s 

- Press ups 20s 

- In and out squat trusts 30s 

- Plank up downs 20s 

- Plank rotations 30s 

No rest between exercises. 

4-5 sets

Here is a great conditioning workout to do with a training partner.

The exercises are:

* Ball slam burpee

* Sit up and press

* Lunge side sling

* Russian twists

* Jump lunges

* Burpee squat

* Side lunge and press

* Moving hand elevated press up

3 sets. No rest between exercises, short rest between sets

Here is a leg circuit that involves mobility, muscular endurance, strength and fitness.

Exercises are:  

1. Push back and reach x12 (6 each side) 

2. Kettlebell pick up 10-16kg x8-10 (putting it down and picking back up is 1) 

3. Step up x10-12 (controlled - back heel doesn’t touch the floor) 

4. Bulgarian split squat x10-15 

5. Burpees x8-12 x3-4 sets

5 exercises, 20-30s of each depending on your fitness levels:

* Treadmills

* Plank ups (alternate the leading arm)

* Squat thrust out and in

* Press up with alternate knee pull in

* Burpees

Repeat 4-5 times with 20-40s rest between each set to ensure you can maintain a good intensity

Here is a a warm up to get everything going before you start your lower body strength session.

Exercises include: 

Squats x10 

Lunges x10 each leg 

Side lunges x10 each side 

Over head squats x10

You can do these without any weight and rather than a bar for the other head squat you can use a stick e.g. broom or just a piece of clothing.

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