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Some exercises to work the upper back utilising a cable machine.


1. Kneeling behind head pull down

2. Standing cross cable pull back

3. Kneeling single arm pull back

Aim for 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps.

Here is a great workout to do with a training partner.

The exercises are:

* Ball slam burpee

* Sit up and press

* Lunge side sling

* Russian twists

* Jump lunges

* Burpee squat

* Side lunge and press

* Moving hand elevated press up

3 sets. No rest between exercises, short rest between sets

Tight back? Hamstrings? Anywhere for that matter?

Try some of these mobility exercises. As much range as possible x10 for each:

- Cat camel

- Push backs

- Crucifix swings (front)

- Crucifix swings (back)

- Leg whip

- Hip roll downs

- Single leg hip thrusts

Here are a variety of core exercise ideas.

Try some or all and add them in to your workouts for a bit of variety.

Full body conditioning with Peter.

Exercises shown here include:

- KB swings

- Swiss ball roll ins (hamstring)

- KB squats

- Box jumps

- Ball slams - varying directions

- Battle ropes - single arm and double arm

- Runs

5 exercises, 20-30s of each depending on your fitness levels:

* Treadmills

* Plank ups (alternate the leading arm)

* Squat thrust out and in

* Press up with alternate knee pull in

* Burpees

Repeat 4-5 times with 20-40s rest between each set to ensure you can maintain a good intensity

Here with Shaleena we used the rower as a reformer to be more creative with our core and leg session.

Session involves:

- Front rack squats

- Reverse gliding lunge

- SL squat, side leg raised

- Side adductor glides

- Core push outs

- Hamstring pull ins

Some full body conditioning to get the heart going.

4 sets of:

- 100 skips

- 20 goblet squats

- 10 lunges with each arm above head

- 100 skips

Followed by 3 sets of:

* 10 wood chopper each leg forward

* 10 knee to opposite elbow

* 10 knee to same elbow

Jo smashing her legs and core session with exercises such as:

- Squats

- Lunge jumps

- Step up with a backwards lunge

- RDLs

- Swiss ball hip thrusts

- TRX crunch

and more.

In this session we have:

* Step ups

* Bulgarian split squat

* Split stance RDL

* Single leg hip thrust

* Rotational step up

Great for all round, quads, glutes and hamstrings