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We all know that training on our own can be difficult. Even for those with plenty of motivation, training without an instructor, group or partner can be difficult.

My Personalised approach to online programmes ensures that your plan is specific to you,  your needs, what you like or dislike, the equipment or space you have available and any possible injuries or conditions that need to be taken into account.

When following a typical online plan, app or just making it up as you go you will often find you lose motivation, you reach a plateau or you struggle with niggles and injuries. This is because the plan is not specifically made for you!

My plans work in 3-4 week cycles (depending on what works best for you), are presented in written format with images, videos and explanations where required to support your understanding and utilise any equipment or space that you have available to you. Session lengths are arranged to suit your level of fitness and lifestyle, and number of sessions per week will also depend on what will be best for you.

We can arrange phone calls or emails for:

  • Consultation to ensure I understand your needs
  • Start of plan, to check you understand what has been set and go over any questions
  • Weekly reviews or at least end of plan catch up to check your progress and ensure your next plan will help to progress and build on what you want and need.

Additional message/email support is also available where required.

Prices start from £50 per programme. For more information or to book your FREE consultation please contact us now.

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